Our teaching model - the system of action control

The latest brain research combined with innovative technology - that is our Coaching Campus. Our video modules and online coaching sessions are based on well-founded insights from neuroscience.

The underlying model of our campus is Osnabrück University Professor Julius Kuhl's action control model. The action control model describes four central brain systems that are crucial to action control and thus people's goal attainment.

For a larger view of our brain model, please click on the image.

To start with, you should know that sustainable learning and the resulting action are only possible when both brain hemispheres are working together smoothly.

The left brain hemisphere generally processes information step by step, one after the other. The left brain hemisphere processes mainly numbers, symbols, letters and facts.
The right brain hemisphere, on the other hand, can process lots of different information simultaneously and thus very quickly. It is specialised in processing extensive and complex information, e.g. pictures, music or events in your environment, simultaneously.
Professor Kuhl's action control model includes two systems of the left brain hemisphere and two systems of the right brain hemisphere.
So that you can understand which brain systems are addressed at our campus, we want to introduce a simplified version of the action control model.

The yellow system: The internal managing director

This system provides an overview. Your life experience to date and the knowledge of your own wishes and needs, as well as your social environment, are stored here. This system enables you to answer the question as to the "meaning" of what you are learning. If you fail to activate the yellow system, your internal managing director, the long-term success of learning will be missing.


The red system: The internal planner

Conscious thought and planning are located in this part of your brain. Here, you develop precise work plans and action steps before putting them into practice. This system requires a lot of energy and is very involved in every acquisition of "new knowledge". Whether the "new knowledge" is acquired sustainably depends on the proper functioning of the connection between the red system, the internal planner, and the yellow system, the managing director.

The blue system: The internal controller

This system is the inconsistency detector of our brain. Here, you control your actions and intended actions and this is where error analysis takes place. The blue system shows you any inconsistencies with the "norm" that you have developed based on previous experiences. The internal controller can prevent you from implementing new knowledge if it is not sufficiently integrated.

The green system: the internal "action man"

Your intuitive behavioural control is located in this part of the brain. This system becomes active whenever new knowledge can actually be implemented. The more you use this system, the stronger the cross-linking, i.e. the stability, of the new knowledge becomes. And you acquire the skill of transferring new knowledge into a routine, which enables you to access this knowledge without great energy expenditure. As a result, you can simply take action.